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Publié par naoparis sur 14 Octobre 2010, 09:34am

PASCAL GUERREAUのスイーツ(チョコレート、マカロン、ブリオッシュ・・・)が食べられる!!

La patisserie THOLONIAT PAR PASCAL GUERREAU "au mille delice" :

47 rue du chateau d'eau 75010 PARIS

▼Google Map

▼La patisserie THOLONIAT PAR PASCAL GUERREAU(streetviewストリートビュー)


火~金曜日du mardi au vendredi:9H00 a 13h30 et de 14h30 a 20h00

土曜日le samedi : 9h00 a 20h00 sans interruption

日曜日le dimanche :9h00 a 13h00


DU LUNDI AU VENDREDI A 18:45 月~金 18時45分



▼Comment rehausser votre vinaigrette



▼@ Tholoniat By Pascal Guerreau

▼Le Labo De Pascal GUERREAU

▼Le Labo De Pascal GUERREAUのアルバムalbums photos


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La Fourchette(reservation de restaurants)レストランをオンライン予約(フランス・スペイン)*-50パーセントのレストランも!
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GS3 31/03/2011 11:43

British "Guardian" 19 reported that the U.S. military is secretly with a local company to develop a new software, using false identity on the network of users published propaganda in favor the
United States. Popular social networking sites around the world, "Face" and the microblogging site "Twitter," the new software will be "manipulated" the main objective.

Once the software is developed, an American soldier in the registry site can have 10 "vest" to log in at the same address no connection with the U.S. military produced a fake IP address, which can
easily pretend to come from all over the world different identities, the U.S. manufacturing in favor of speech.

United States, "Washington Times" reported that the U.S. Central Command has been the default message, and said that arrangements for up to 50 U.S. military personnel in the operating software,
which means that at least 500 false identity in the network.

Psychological warfare or "network warfare"

U.S. This "face a behind the set of" practices caused a media avalanche of criticism. In the United States, "Huffington Post" Web site, thousands of netizens condemn U.S. actions were "false
democracy" and "please the president's military pipe" sound everywhere.

U.S. Central Command spokesman Lt. Col. Bill Speakes, said the U.S. military in Iraq will use the software to "psychological warfare", but for the fight against al-Qaeda network, supporters and
hostile organization, "not will be used for English language website. "However, the British" Daily Telegraph "There may also be suspected of the British Ministry of Defense involved in this
project, but the British Ministry of Defense declined to comment on the issue.

Experts point out that this new software is the U.S. military, "the sound operation of the simulation" (OEV) part of the project. $ 200,000,000 U.S. investment in-depth research on this project, to
fight in Iraq, "base" organizations in the online supporters. For the United States, this type of "network war" means not only can effectively weaken the information is not conducive to their own
ideology, but also the "authentic voice" to win a favorable response and support, can be described as "two birds with one stone."

Double-dealing tactics to wear "vest"

Recently, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speech at the University of Washington, claimed that "the open Internet can promote long-term peace, progress and prosperity", if the Internet by
blocking and "will ruin the opportunity for peace and progress." The exact opposite, in February, the United States amended the "Information Security and the Internet Freedom Act," literally made
of the amendment legacy: the "No" President "off" the Internet at the same time, authorize the President to declare "a state of emergency information space "This means that the U.S. government can
take over or prohibited on the part of some of the site visit.

U.S. This "allows fire ban lighting" performance, in the end sleeve drugs?

Analysis that, from the 2009 Iranian election, and now the Middle East political instability of many countries, the United States again and again see the country through the Internet Council to
intervene to change the possibility of his country's political direction.The introduction of the world's first "network war" country, is first used in combat it, the United States has been the
monopoly of using the Internet to pursue their own interests.As a monopoly talk about "freedom", but a beautiful "vest."

This shows that the attitude of the U.S. military on the Internet is still full of uncertainty. If the "network of water army" this "manipulation of public opinion" approach has been started, other
countries, institutions and organizations and even private companies likely to follow suit, so that more and more fake voice network. By then, the real network of public opinion will be trapped in
a "smoke and mirrors" of the situation.


Nous sommes sociaux !

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