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Le blog de naoparis

CDJapan est le meilleur endroit pour commander vos CD japonais , DVD, Blu-ray , et objets de collection

Publié par naoparis sur 1 Juin 2015, 11:28am

CDJapan is the best place to order your Japanese CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and collectibles

CDJapan est le meilleur endroit pour commander vos CD japonais , DVD, Blu-ray , et objets de collection

【Available Shipping Methods】

【English, French, and Spanish customer support】

CDJapan is committed to offering the best quality of service to every customer. If you require our assistance, you can contact us by email in English, French or Spanish, and we'll provide you with a response normally within 1-2 business days. In case we learn about any delay, or receive any other updates from our suppliers, we'll promptly update you.

【Contact Customer Support】

Double-Tiered Straw Bento Box L

Iced Tea Maker w/ Filter 1200ml


This pot is perfect to make cold tea. It features large tea strainer which will make plenty of green tea at once. <How to use> Pour ice up to the line of 800cc. Set tea strainer on pot. Then add 2-3 scoops of tea leaves to the tea strainer. Pour 200-300cc of hot water over the strainer. Lastly add cold water until it comes above the tea strainer. Once it is cooled with ice, it is ready to be served.

Description in Japanese

グリーンティークーラー1200ml / 食

鮮 度、香りがあってこれが美味しい飲み方!おいしい冷茶はグリーンティークーラーで。茶殻はポン、新聞紙でチャット捨て、ペットボトルのゴミもなし。大き な茶漉しだから一度にたくさん美味しい冷茶が造れます。茶漉しを取り出しポットの中へ、800ccの目盛りまで入れます。茶漉しを差込、お好みの茶葉を適 量居れ、お湯を200~300cc注ぎます。葉が開き浸出しやすくなり香りも引き立ちます。さらに水を茶漉しの上部まで注ぎ、茶漉しの中をスプーンかマド ラーで撹拌し早く抽出させます。氷で十分に冷えたらお飲みいただけます。◆容量:1200ml

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